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Foot Scrub              $20
Foot Paraffin wax  $20
Foot Scrub +Wax   $35
Back Scrub             $30
Body Scrub             $50

Facial Treatment

Repair and rejuvenate your skin with our organic facial products that deep clean, repair and rejuvenate delicate skin exposed to the harmful effects of UV rays, pollution, and other aging elements. We focus on regular exfoliation and circulation with restoring massage to make our facial truly effective. Our organic skincare will hydrate and nourish stressed skin and leave you looking healthier and more relaxed.

What's include in your facial?          

         - Warm stream          

         -  Cleansing         

         - Exfoliation          

         - Organic Masque therapy 

         - Facial, arm, hand and, shoulder massage

Introducing The Hydro Technology

Specialized technology that uses suction to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin with customized serums. This treatment creates an instant glow, reduce acne and hyperpigmentation. Promoting resurfacing and treatment for fine line and hydration.